Protests against high energy prices in Leipzig

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BERLIN, September 5 – RIA Novosti. Two German parties at once – the right-wing “Alternative for Germany” and the “Left” – intend to hold a rally against high energy prices in the center of Leipzig on Monday evening, representatives of the parties told reporters.
Both parties expressed their desire to organize their protests at 19.00 (20.00 Moscow time) on the Augustusplatz square, located in the center of Leipzig.

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Martin Shirdevan, co-chairman of the Left, said that his party still demands from the German government effective support for the population, legislative restrictions on gas and electricity prices, and a tax on excess profits.
“As long as there is no effective aid package, there will be correspondingly serious protests on the streets. Today we start with a demonstration in Leipzig… there will be a demonstration in Erfurt on Sunday, many other protests are planned throughout Germany. And these heated protests will hopefully lead to they will affect the German government,” Shirdevan said at a press conference on Monday. According to him, there will be protests until the party’s demands are met.
Also, the “Alternative for Germany” announced its protest action on Monday in Leipzig. Under the slogans “Hot autumn instead of cold feet”, “Our country is above all” and “We are on your side,” supporters of the right-wing party will demand that the authorities stop the economic war, which leads to an explosive rise in prices and a drop in the standard of living of the population.
As Shirdevan explained to reporters, he knows that the rightists also intend to hold a demonstration, while, according to him, the “Lefts” were the first to announce their protest plans.

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