In Germany, households may be required to reduce gas consumption

BERLIN, September 5 – RIA Novosti. Private households in Germany may be required to reduce gas consumption in the face of shortages, according to a document from the German Federal Network Agency.
The document, published on the official portal of the regulator, states which categories of citizens and industries are “protected” and “unprotected consumers” in a situation with a shortage of gas in the country.

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According to the publication, the category of protected consumers includes not only private households, but also operators of district heating plants that supply protected consumers. This category also includes kindergartens, schools, universities, hospitals, medical facilities, the police, the Bundeswehr, the fire department, prisons and others.
At the same time, as the regulator notes, “protected” consumers can also, if necessary, be required to reduce gas consumption. “Protected consumers do not enjoy absolute protection. The Federal Grid Agency does not rule out that in a situation of gas shortage it will not issue instructions to protected consumers to reduce gas purchases,” the document says.
At the same time, it is clarified that this does not mean that such consumers will have to completely stop gas purchases.

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The heating season officially starts on October 1st.
Previously, the regulator has repeatedly called for economical gas consumption. The Federal Grid Agency also warned German companies and consumers of significant increases in gas prices.

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