Russia is ready for a dialogue with the United States on strat stability, the Foreign Ministry said

MOSCOW, September 4 – RIA Novosti. Russia is ready to have a constructive conversation on issues of strategic stability and international security, and hopes that the United States will have common sense and sobriety, said Alexei Drobinin, director of the foreign policy planning department of the Russian Foreign Ministry.
“The processes associated with the actions of our opponents in the field of military development, as well as doctrinal changes, are under special control. Russia, along with the United States, is one of the two largest nuclear powers. And we believe that, together with the United States, we have a special responsibility for maintaining strategic stability and international security,” he said in an interview with the International Affairs magazine.
The question of the need for Russia to interact with the Americans is not worth it, Drobinin noted. Global stability and the well-being of all mankind depend on such interaction, he pointed out.
“The only problem is that on the other side there is no readiness to conduct a constructive conversation on these, indeed, the most important topics for the whole world. On our part, there is such a readiness, and, let’s hope that common sense and sobriety will appear among our American colleagues” – added Drobinin.

Russia can work out different topics in dialogue with the United States, Ryabkov said

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