US Ambassador Sullivan completes work in Russia

MOSCOW, September 4 – RIA Novosti. US Ambassador John Sullivan completed his work in Russia and left Moscow, the US diplomatic mission said.
“U.S. Ambassador to the Russian Federation John Sullivan completed his work as U.S. envoy and left Moscow today,” the mission’s website said in a comment.
Until the arrival of the successor, the duties of the charge d’affaires of the embassy will be performed by Elizabeth Rud, deputy head of the diplomatic mission since June of this year.
A RIA Novosti source in diplomatic circles noted that Sullivan’s departure is connected with the rotation in this post – there is no talk of lowering the level of relations between the countries.
John Sullivan has served as Ambassador since February 5, 2020. Prior to that, the diplomat was the Deputy Secretary of State of the United States (2017-2019), and in April 2018, he served as the head of the department for about a month.

Russia is ready for a dialogue with the United States on strat stability, the Foreign Ministry said

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