The granddaughter of an American billionaire was kidnapped while jogging

MOSCOW, September 4 – RIA Novosti. Police in the city of Memphis, Tennessee are looking for the granddaughter of billionaire Joseph Orgill, who was kidnapped during a morning run, reports the New York Post, citing the press service of law enforcement agencies.
Schoolteacher Eliza Fletcher was pushed into a dark SUV, and police also found her broken phone and water bottle. The car itself was soon found, but instead of the missing woman, a suspect was found in the cabin – 38-year-old Cleota Abston. He was charged with aggravated kidnapping and falsification of evidence.
© Memphis Police Department Photo by Eliza Fletcher distributed by the Memphis Police Department
Photo of Eliza Fletcher distributed by Memphis Police

“Eliza Fletcher has not been located at this time. Memphis Police Department investigators and officers, along with local and federal partners, continue to search for Mrs. Fletcher,” the police said.

The abductee’s family has offered a $50,000 reward for information about her possible whereabouts.
Eliza Fletcher is the heiress of the company founded by billionaire Joseph Orgill Orgill Inc. and engaged in distribution and retail services. The firm serves more than 11,000 retail hardware and farm stores, as well as lumber dealers in the United States, Canada and fifty other countries. It is known that Orgill Inc. employs five and a half thousand people, and the annual sales volume is three billion dollars.

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