Ukrainian women liable for military service were banned from leaving the country, media write

MOSCOW, September 4 – RIA Novosti. Ukrainian women liable for military service will be banned from leaving the country from October, Suspilne (Ukrainian: Public) reports, citing Defense Ministry lawyer Volodymyr Smilka.

“From October 1, women who own certain professions must get on the military register. There are 14 specialties on the list,” the material says.

The media claims that women liable for military service are subject to the same restrictions as men, including a ban on leaving the country under martial law.
In the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, this trend was explained by the desire to comply with NATO standards. According to Smilka, we are talking about gender equality within the framework of military registration.
In July, the Ukrainian media, citing a decree from the Ministry of Defense, reported that women in a number of professions would have to register with the military from October 1. Among the industries in demand are chemistry, biology, telecommunications and radio engineering, several specialties from the IT field, as well as a number of medical areas. Suspilne later announced changes to the original list – now the list has been reduced to 14 professions.

In Ukraine, sailors were allowed to travel abroad with the consent of the military registration and enlistment office

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