Large forest fire rages in northern Kazakhstan

NUR-SULTAN, September 3 – RIA Novosti. A forest fire is raging in the north of Kazakhstan, the fire has reached the nearest villages, residents are being evacuated, there is a threat of burning an oil depot, the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the republic reported.
According to her, the forest caught fire on Friday afternoon, 20 kilometers from the village of Kazanbasy on the territory of the Basaman forestry institution. Extinguishing was complicated by gusts of wind, intense heat, dense vegetation and lack of access roads. Later, the fire spread to the neighboring forestry, the preliminary area of ​​the fire was more than 2,000 hectares.

Zaporozhye region announced forest fires in the area of ​​the ZNPP

“On September 3, due to the complication of the meteorological situation, including a high air temperature of +36 degrees, storm winds up to 28 meters per second, the fire area exceeded 3,000 hectares,” the report says.
It is explained that 235 people, 32 pieces of equipment, three aircraft, and three fire trains are involved in extinguishing the fire.
According to the agency, the population was evacuated from the village of Ozernoye (250 people) and the northern part of the village of Amankaragai (1000 people). In the village of Ozernoe, three residential buildings are on fire, six fire brigades are involved.
“The evacuation of the village of Kalinino has begun – 228 people, the village of Lesnoye – 363 people. At 17.20 (14.20 Moscow time – ed.), there was a threat of burning the oil depot in the village of Amankaragai, three fire trucks are working at the site,” the Ministry of Emergency Situations reported.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations will draw conclusions from the fires of this year

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