Moscow will respond asymmetrically to EU visa restrictions, Ryabkov said

MOSCOW, September 2 – RIA Novosti. Moscow may respond asymmetrically to EU visa restrictions, practical measures will be taken, said Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.
“Mirrorism in this matter is probably not the best move. We leave all options open on how to respond to this. Maybe asymmetrical, asymmetrical, as they say now, reaction. Practical measures, of course, will be taken,” he said on air TV channel “Russia 24”.

Russia will not be like the EU in burning bridges, the Foreign Ministry said

Ryabkov added that the European Union and its member countries are essentially renouncing the values ​​and postulates that, as it now turns out, they have been hypocritically and duplicitously promoting for many years.
On August 31, at an informal meeting in Prague, EU foreign ministers agreed to suspend the Visa Facilitation Agreement between Russia and the EU, which would make obtaining them longer, more difficult and more expensive.
Earlier, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, commenting on EU plans to suspend the visa facilitation agreement between Russia and the EU countries, said that Russia is not going to be like the EU in the unreasonable policy of “burning bridges” between people, but reserves the right to retaliate.

The UN will continue to work with the United States on the issue of issuing visas to Russian diplomats

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