Foreign Ministry: US does not provide data on biological activity abroad

MOSCOW, September 1 – RIA Novosti. Washington does not provide information on military biological activity outside its territory, despite the calls of the Russian Federation, said Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova.
“Despite Russia’s repeated appeals, Washington refrains from providing specific comprehensive information on military biological activity outside the national territory, limiting itself to selective general information about the financial and material assistance provided. No data on such activity are transmitted by the Americans as part of the BTWC confidence building measures. “, – said in a comment by Zakharova, posted on the official website of the department.
According to her, this is no coincidence, since the United States prefers to conclude a model cooperation agreement with recipient countries, which provide for “making interaction in the biological sphere of a closed, confidential nature.”
“Allegedly, the ‘open and transparent’ nature of cooperation, which the United States is trying to convince the whole world of, is nothing more than hypocrisy,” Zakharova concluded.

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Disclaimer: Via RIA Novosti – Checked

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