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The French energy supply company Engie confirmed on Tuesday that its Russian counterpart Gazprom carried out a reduction in the flow of gas supplied, which had already fallen substantially since the start of hostilities in Ukraine. in sequence:

Another Ukrainian attack on the Zaporizhia nuclear plant is reported

Engie explained that the interruption occurs as a result of the disagreement between the parties in the application of some contracts.

Likewise, the French company recalled that Gazprom’s supply had decreased since the conflict broke out in Ukraine, at the end of last February, with a recent monthly flow of about 1.5 TWh, compared to the total annual supplies of Engie in Europe above 400 TWh.

The Russian Gazprom closes the gas tap to France a little more, according to Engie.

The French Government admitted yesterday that there is a risk of energy rationing.

— Antonio Delgado (@adelgadoRne)
August 30, 2022

However, the French company stressed that it had already secured the necessary volumes to meet its commitments to its customers.

Gazprom has also said it plans to halt deliveries on the Nord Stream gas pipeline to Germany from Wednesday for three days due to maintenance work.

European authorities, however, have questioned whether Moscow will resume flows after that date, amid ongoing tensions.

With more than 90 percent of its gas storage full, France should have enough fuel to cope with a winter of average temperatures, Engie executive vice president Claire Waysand said on Monday.

Likewise, this Tuesday the heads of government of Spain and Germany, Pedro Sánchez and Olaf Scholf, seek to increase the supply of gas to Berlin, via France, to which, until now, the French president, Enmanuel Macron, opposes.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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