Shiite leader al-Sadr asked for forgiveness from the Iraqi people

CAIRO, August 30 – RIA Novosti. The popular Shiite leader Muqtada al-Sadr said that he asks for forgiveness from the Iraqi people in connection with the bloody clashes between his supporters and the formations of his political rivals.
“I’m tired of what’s going on… I’m saddened by these events, I apologize to the people,” the Shiite leader said at a press conference in Najaf.
In Baghdad and several other provinces of Iraq, violent clashes continue between Sadr’s supporters and other pro-government Shiite movements, as well as security forces, despite reports of the government’s attempt to negotiate with the Shiite opposition.
According to the latest data from Iraqi doctors, the death toll during clashes between demonstrators and security forces has reached 30 people, more than 700 people were injured, including 110 security personnel.
The situation in Iraq escalated after al-Sadr announced on Monday that he would cease political activity and close all offices of his party amid a lack of consensus with the government to call early parliamentary elections and the impossibility of forming a broad coalition in parliament after his faction won elections last fall. of the year.

Iraqi authorities declare Tuesday a non-working day due to clashes in the country

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