Macron greeted by hostile crowd in Algeria, media reported

PARIS, August 28 – RIA Novosti. French President Emmanuel Macron, who was on a visit to Algeria, was met by a hostile crowd in the city of Oran, who shouted insults at him, according to France Info TV channel.
It is noted that Macron had previously left the Disco Maghreb store associated with the musical style of rai.
“At 150 meters from the store, the head of state got out of the car for an impromptu communication with the people, from which the security services were covered in cold sweat. Unexpectedly, Emmanuel Macron spent several minutes to shake hands, take several photos in the crowd, while the bodyguards were on edge,” – reports the TV channel, describing the atmosphere of what was happening.
According to the channel, the audience shouted the slogans “Long live Algeria!”, “We are at home”, “France is devouring our country” and others. In the video, you can see how Macron, after a short “communication”, thanked the audience and got into the car.

Macron: Algerian fuel will not change the situation with gas supply in France

The French president was on a visit to Algiers on August 25-27.

Macron arrives in Algeria on an official visit

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