Hot summer will be replaced by a cheerful autumn – the West cannot change the course of events

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Hot – in every sense – summer 2022 is leaving, but the global outlook for autumn does not even give a reason to argue that it will definitely not get worse. And it’s not just about the conflict in Ukraine – it’s just part of an ever more clearly unfolding global crisis. The very concept of “crisis” has already been heavily discredited – but it is easier to call it that which is actually an acute phase of the transformation of the entire world order.
The global recession has not yet begun, although the energy crisis is already in full swing – and the fact that Europe is at the center of it is far from accidental. No, it’s clear that the rise in energy prices has hit the third world much harder than the West — suffice it to cite the examples of Sri Lanka and Pakistan — but global, that is, Western media are used to problems in developing countries, but they cause their own serious difficulties they have increased anxiety. Europe and the United States are anxiously awaiting the coming autumn – expecting a sharp increase in social and political tensions at home.

“Who is bigger?” Medvedev predicted a further rise in gas prices in Europe

It is no longer possible to stop this process – and not only because the West itself provoked a rise in prices, staked on a victory over Russia in Ukraine, and for this began the process of abandoning Russian energy sources. No, this only exacerbated the already growing problems – both in the countries themselves and in their position on the world stage. For example, the attempt to isolate Russia after the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine led to the fact that the world is divided into those who support the claims of the United States and Europe to maintain hegemony, and those who are against it.
Moreover, this division is becoming more and more distinct. If six months ago at the UN 141 countries out of 194 voted for a resolution condemning “Russian aggression”, then the other day only 54 countries signed another statement calling on Russia to “immediately stop hostilities.” That is, practically only Western ones, with a small number of developing states that have joined them.

French journalist ridicules Europe’s efforts to save energy

It is clear that the vast majority of countries that did not support the anti-Russian resolution are guided by the same thing – the world does not want the continuation of American and European hegemony, and the attempt to isolate and punish Russia is seen as a way for the collective West to maintain its elusive superiority.
As a result, instead of strengthening its global positions, it only weakened them – and the rest of the world sees and understands this. Plus, the sanctions hit the Western economy as well – and this is not the bottom of the crisis yet. Not an economic crisis, but already a political one, which was even before Ukraine, but by their own actions, Europe and the United States accelerated all processes.
What awaits the West in the coming weeks? The change of power in the UK – the new Prime Minister Liz Truss will be in an even weaker position than Johnson, and the country is actually entering a period of preparation for parliamentary elections (possibly extraordinary) – and this against the backdrop of increasing separatist tendencies in Scotland and the unresolved consequences of Brexit .

The energy crisis will hit the British harder than the crisis of 2008, media write

It will not be easy for the German coalition to survive the next six months – and, although it will continue, internal political dissatisfaction with Chancellor Scholz will lead to the fact that the country’s influence on the pan-European processes will weaken.
In Italy, parliamentary elections will be held in a month – they are practically guaranteed the victory of the right-wing coalition led by Giorgia Meloni (who will become the first woman prime minister in Italian history) and with the participation of the parties of Matteo Salvini and Silvio Berlusconi.
The Italians are still skeptical about the prospects of a tough confrontation with Russia – and the new government will play this card for propaganda purposes. Although it will not make a real attempt to go against the EU policy on the Ukrainian issue, it certainly will not add to the overall stability of the EU.

“Without hope for the best.” Europe plunges into food and energy crisis

In the United States in November, mid-term congressional elections will be held, according to the results of which Trump’s Republicans will establish control over both houses of parliament, and Biden will turn into a lame duck. But the most important outcome of these elections will be a fatal deepening of the split in the United States – the country will head for the presidential elections in 2024, the results of which the losing side is not going to recognize. The intensity of passions is already visible in the increasingly aggressive rhetoric of the parties – for example, on Thursday, Biden said that Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again” emanates extremist sentiments, and the ideology of some Republicans can be compared with “semi-fascism”. America has headed for a split – and only a miracle can stop it.
It is clear that all these processes have nothing to do with what is happening in Ukraine – they have very serious internal causes. But the spiral of conflict with Russia is now already affecting everything that happens in the West – although they have been convincing everyone there for so long that Moscow is interfering in their affairs, that now they are again waiting for our direct intervention.
For example, in the same Italy, the pro-Atlantic forces assure that the Kremlin is betting on the victory of the right – although in the current situation it is important for us not who will be in power in certain Western countries, but how this will affect governance and unity ” golden billion. If he strengthens him, in any case we will be against it: why should we strengthen the one who declared us an enemy?

UN Security Council on Ukraine, saboteurs, the Schengen issue and the energy crisis

But the fact of the matter is that the West has embarked on a path in which it has virtually no good short- and medium-term options. And not at all because of the intrigues of Russia, but because of the accumulated own mistakes and exorbitant ambitions. Whether the right or the left comes, the split will deepen anyway, because the right will not be allowed to radically change anything, and the policy of the left will cause even greater indignation on the right.
At the same time, Russia will still be accused of trying to influence Western public opinion (although we were cut off almost all opportunities for broadcasting there) and of direct interference in the internal affairs of Europe and the United States – not to mention the fact that our special operation itself does not just create problem for the West, but also a threat to it.
There is only one answer to all this – in these respects, we are now guided by the medical principle “do no harm”: no intervention of ours (for the purpose of salvation or harm) can have such a strong effect as the one that causes the own policy of Western countries. Let them continue to do what they are doing, go where they go – this will be the best option for us. Everything that is needed for their own fall, they will do absolutely on their own.

Translation by RJ983

Disclaimer: Via RIA Novosti – Checked

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