“There are no other options”. Who is threatened by the West with a nuclear strike

MOSCOW, August 26 – RIA Novosti, Renat Abdullin. The possible use of atomic weapons has been increasingly discussed in recent months. The major powers are showing restraint so far, but the UK has already made it clear that a nuclear strike is quite real. This was announced by Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, the main candidate for the prime minister of the United Kingdom. RIA Novosti understood how such a belligerent statement was reacted to in the country and Europe, where the new “iron lady” does not have unanimous support.

What is Trus ready for?

The struggle for the post of head of government in the UK has entered a decisive phase. Who will be elected as the representative of the ruling Conservative Party – Foreign Minister Liz Truss or ex-Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak – will be revealed in September.

The expert called Truss’s statements about nuclear weapons pre-election rhetoric

According to the polls, Truss has more Tory support, but not by much. And she seems to want absolute victory. And for this, she is ready for anything.
So, at the pre-election debate in Birmingham, the head of the Foreign Ministry, answering a question about the possibility of using nuclear weapons, said that this was “an important duty of the prime minister.”
“I’m ready to do it,” she stressed, ignoring the host’s attempt to soften the situation.
Truss has previously said that if she is appointed prime minister, she will first upgrade her nuclear forces to “deter the most serious threats to our national security and way of life.” Therefore, her next confession of shock did not cause. But in Europe they got worried, which they noticed in Britain. It was after Truss’ words about the reality of a clash between Russia and NATO that Moscow announced a “high alert” of nuclear forces, the journalists remind. And they ask themselves: how far will it go in escalating the situation?

“Main Destroyer”

The head of British diplomacy does not hide his power and military ambitions. Jokingly, she called herself “the main destroyer” – the local media picked it up.
In 1983, at the age of seven, Liz played the role of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in a school production about elections. Since then, and imitates the “iron lady”.

The expert told what are the similarities between Liz Truss and Margaret Thatcher

Although she, when she studied at Oxford, was an active member of the Liberal Democratic Party. Truss’s father even said that, having heard from his daughter conservative rhetoric in the spirit of the “iron lady”, his acquaintances were extremely puzzled.
Like Thatcher, Truss is a foreign policy hardliner. In addition, she promotes the idea of ​​”global Britain” – the strengthening of London wherever possible.
Like Boris Johnson, Truss doesn’t hold back his words. This is probably what brought her success in the “hawkish” wing of the conservatives. Unlike the same Sunak, who is trying to smooth out sharp corners, Truss, even in frankly shameful situations, goes ahead, pretending that it was intended. For example, having “assigned” Russian regions to Ukraine, then in an interview she assured that she was not mistaken – she simply misunderstood Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Cause for comedy or anxiety?

The loud statement “Thatcher 2.0” was heard in Moscow. The official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova, ironically noted that this is a good reason to launch another comedy franchise. “A flawless start to the new Austin Powers series. Now the role of the international man of mystery is played by a woman,” she said.

Zakharova responded to Truss’s words about her readiness to use nuclear weapons

But the British in social networks expressed concern about the aggressiveness of the potential prime minister. “People were torn between fear for the future of the UK and irritation due to the fact that Truss was not focusing on the impending economic crisis,” noted, in particular, in The Huffington Post.
Sunak, by the way, was asked the same question, but he diplomatically evaded the answer. And for good reason: shortly before the debate, the American publication Politico, citing several high-ranking diplomats from the EU, reported that even London’s Western partners would not want to see an overly impulsive Truss in the prime minister’s chair.
“A new leader is always an opportunity to reset, but we need to see if she takes steps to restore trust, which is much needed,” the source said.

“Change the World Order”

Russian experts agree that Truss’ statement, however expected, is a wake-up call. However, the world did not hear anything new from the British minister.
© Depositphotos / curraheeshutterNuclear explosion
Nuclear explosion
“Nuclear weapons are designed for deterrence, response. Any British prime minister, French president, American – will say the same thing. At the same time, Great Britain has the smallest arsenal of the five members of the UN Security Council (this is also China, France, the USA and Russia) – only four underwater boats with similar weapons. But these subtleties are not always and not everyone delve into, therefore, of course, one can advise the same Truss to be more careful in speeches, carefully select words so as not to excite the people once again, “explains RIA Novosti head of the Center for International Security IMEMO RAS Alexey Arbatov.
Sergei Ermakov, head of the Regional Security Problems Sector at the Center for Defense Studies at the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies, believes that Truss’s statement is a clear declaration of her planned change in the world order. “She made it clear that she would indeed become a leader in the spirit of the “iron lady”, ready to take responsibility for a nuclear strike. This is a message to the European political establishment, which is now actively discussing the role of such weapons,” the expert points out.
In accordance with the strategy of “global Britain”, the authorities of the island kingdom have long acted aggressively. They send an air strike group on a “tour” in the Asia-Pacific region, individual ships of the group approached the Crimea last year.
In Europe, politicians who advocate a diplomatic solution to problems are fighting those who have taken a course of confrontation. The question is whether Truss can hold on to the lead with belligerence but without a coherent economic program. As the reaction of society to the scandalous debate showed, the British are more important than geopolitical alignments.

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