Belarus proposes to coordinate EAEU positions on biosafety

CHOLPON-ATA (Kyrgyzstan), August 26 – RIA Novosti. Prime Minister of Belarus Roman Golovchenko said that the EAEU countries need to coordinate their positions on biological safety in an environment where bacteriological research for military purposes is not ruled out in the world, and adopt an appropriate strategy.
“I urge once again to return to the issue of the need to adopt a biological safety strategy for the EAEU. You see that almost every month new biological threats appear in our country. We do not exclude that research is also being conducted in the field of bacteriological threats that can be used in purposes,” Golovchenko said, speaking at a meeting of the Eurasian Intergovernmental Council.
According to him, “it is necessary to coordinate joint work to strengthen our biological security.”
The head of the Belarusian government noted that a draft of such a document was developed by the Belarusian side and sent to the EEC for consideration by the member states of the union.
“We know that there were certain doubts about the need to adopt such a document, because such or similar work is being carried out through the CSTO, and also due to the fact that biosafety issues do not fully fall within the competence of the EAEU. Nevertheless, in our opinion information, active work within the framework of the CSTO on this issue is not yet being conducted. Moreover, the document we propose was originally developed to address civilian issues that are not related to military security issues,” Golovchenko said.
In his opinion, taking into account the impact of biological threats on trade and economic relations and their cross-border factor, it is necessary to return to the discussion of this issue.

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