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Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kushida announced Wednesday that the nation is examining the idea of ​​building a new generation of nuclear power plants and extending the life of its reactors beyond 60 years, with the aim of reducing its carbon dioxide emissions. of carbon. in sequence:

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In this sense, the executive pointed out as the main triggers of this situation the economic crisis generated after the special military operation in Ukraine, which caused an exponential increase in the price index, before which the nation is forced to diversify energy sources. .

Kushida added that these proposals represent an important change in the Government’s policy of not building new plants; while it includes the reactivation of a total of 17 reactors for next summer, after the blackout following the Fukushima crisis of 2011, when a magnitude 9.0 earthquake caused a tsunami near the nuclear plant.

“It is extremely important to ensure stable energy supplies to our country, and from this perspective we are looking at all options regarding nuclear power,” Economy and Industry Minister Yasutoshi Nishimura said.

According to Prime Minister Kushida, operating for an extra 20 years would be possible if a series of safety improvements are made and the reactors pass the necessary checks, with the goal that the country will increase from 20 to 22 or 24 percent of the electrical supply obtained through nuclear energy.

“Japan must solve its problems for the future while promoting energy transformation,” said Prime Minister Kushida.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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