Russian embassy urges US to eliminate its chemical weapons

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WASHINGTON, August 21 – RIA Novosti. Russia is urging the United States to stop evading its obligations to eliminate chemical weapons and not to interfere in the affairs of other countries, the Russian embassy in Washington said Saturday.
The embassy’s comment was published in response to yet another accusation by the US State Department related to the alleged use of chemical weapons against blogger Alexei Navalny.
“Allegations that Russia allegedly possesses chemical weapons are false. Washington is well aware that in 2017 our country completely eliminated the national stockpile of chemical warfare agents. This fact has been officially confirmed by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons,” the embassy said in its Telegram account. .
The diplomatic mission recalled that it is the United States that remains the only country that has not yet got rid of its chemical arsenal. “We call on Washington to stop evading fulfillment of its international legal obligations, and also not to interfere in domestic Russian affairs,” the Russian embassy added.

In the Zaporozhye region, they announced the involvement of the West in the use of chemical weapons

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