Placido Domingo was suspected of links with the Argentine sex sect, media write

MOSCOW, August 18 – RIA Novosti. Famed opera singer Placido Domingo is suspected of using the services of a sect that has been exploiting, including sexually, people in Argentina for over 30 years, the Spanish newspaper Pais reports, citing sources close to the investigation.
The liquidation of a large sect operating under the name “Yoga School of Buenos Aires”, Argentine law enforcement officials reported last week. According to preliminary data from the investigation, the sect promoted the philosophy of fighting AIDS and drugs and the pursuit of happiness, offered people a cure, but in fact took their money. To launder stolen money and property, funds were created abroad, real estate and cars were bought.
According to the publication, the investigators had at their disposal audio recordings of conversations involving, presumably, Domingo himself, the leader of the sect, Juan Perkovic, and an intermediary.
In the first part of the recording, a certain Susana Mendelevich informs Perkovich that the Spanish tenor wants to “visit us”. In response, he authorizes the use of the “Museum”, as among the sectarians they called the building in the center of Buenos Aires, intended for sexual meetings. Then Domingo’s voice is heard, who explains to Mendelevich how to meet him without his agents noticing.

The Bolshoi Theater announced the cancellation of the gala concert of Placido Domingo

In the final part of the recording, the woman again turns to the leader of the sect and reports to him about these agreements.
Sources indicate that no charges have yet been brought against Domingo. They note that the investigation has yet to study “a huge amount of paper and digital documentation.”

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