Russia foils attack on oil pipeline in Volvograd | News

The Federal Security Service (FSB) of Russia reported Monday that it had foiled an alleged terrorist attack that Ukrainian agents would be preparing against a Russian oil pipeline in the Volvograd region. in sequence:

Russia calls on Ukraine to stop attacking Zaporizhia nuclear power plant

The FSB note states that “in the Volgograd region, the explosion of a pipeline prepared by the Ukrainian special services, two Russians from the radical right-wing group ‘Restrukt’, created by the nationalist Martsinkevich (‘Tesak’), was prevented. They tried to fly down the pipe, offered armed resistance and were neutralized.”

According to the note “the organization of sabotage under the control of the Ukrainian special services was carried out by members of Restrukt, the Russian Andrey Chuenkov, who is now participating in the military conflict in Ukraine as part of the Uragan national battalion and the Ukrainian citizen Yuri Ionov of the Azov Nationalist Battalion.”

Likewise, the security services said they were taking measures to stop the criminal activities of Chuenkov and Ionov and were looking for their accomplices in Russia.

At the scene, the FSB seized a high-powered homemade bomb and two blank pistols converted to fire live ammunition.

Previously, and always according to the FSB, in Rostov, a teenager who was preparing a terrorist attack in a school was sent to a psychiatric hospital because he wanted to attack an educational organization in Volgograd.

After the outbreak of hostilities between Ukraine and Russia on February 24, there have been repeated reports of attempts to sabotage critical infrastructure in Russia by Ukrainian nationalists, according to the Russian security services.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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