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The naval force of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) of Iran seized this Sunday a ship with at least 20,000 liters of contraband fuel, which was sailing through the Persian Gulf. in sequence:

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According to the head of the Department of Justice of the southern province of Hormozgan, Moytaba Qahremani, the detention of the ship and its subsequent seizure was carried out in coordination with the Judicial Department of the city of Parsian.

The official indicated that the authorities are investigating the case and remain willing to fight against organized hydrocarbon smuggling, in order to protect the interests and security of the Iranian nation.

For a few months, the Guardian Corps and the Iranian Navy have detained, inspected and seized several Iranian or foreign vessels, linked to the illegal business of carrying fuel to nations such as Afghanistan, Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), taking advantage of the subsidies allocated by the Persian Government to the price of fuel.

This is the second ship that the Iranian authorities confiscate in less than a week, since last Wednesday the seizure of a ship with a cargo of fuel valued at more than 61,000 million Iranian reais was announced.

In this regard, the Islamic country has determined to combat the transfer of fuels in its territorial waters, and its authorities have stressed that the Persian Gulf will not be a safe place for those who engage in smuggling.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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