Israeli Navy cracks down on Gaza fishermen on the high seas | News

The Israeli occupiers’ navy repressed Palestinian fishermen this Friday as they sailed off the coast of the northern Gaza Strip, forcing them to return to the shore, Palestinian organizations denounced. in sequence:

Death toll from Israeli bombing in Gaza rises to 48

The Israeli navy directed high-speed water currents at fishermen sailing approximately 12 km from the coast, forcing them to stop fishing and return to land.

Israeli naval forces and their gunboats have long harassed fishermen in Gaza, shooting at them, damaging their boats and arresting them. On several occasions, fishermen have been injured or even killed during shooting attacks by the Israeli navy.

الخارجية والمغتربين // تطالب الإدارة ترجمة موقفها الرافض للاستيطان إلى خطوات عملية تضمن فوراً فوراً

— State of Palestine – MFA (@pmofa)
August 11, 2022

In addition, Israel regularly prohibits its boats from entering the area and reduces the fishing zone that Palestinians in Gaza can access.

Israeli naval authorities have imposed a naval blockade of Gaza’s 40-kilometre-long coastline since 2007.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian government called again on the United States, this Friday, to take action against Israel for the expansion and construction of new Jewish colonies in the occupied territories.

A statement from the Palestinian Foreign Ministry calls on “the international community and especially the White House to translate the position of rejection of settlements into practical actions and steps that force the occupying power.”

According to the statement, Palestine condemns the decision of the Israeli authorities to establish a new settlement in the center of the West Bank and denounces that the construction of that colony “is part of the framework of an expansionist racist colonial scheme,” the text denounced.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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