US annuls anti-immigration program Stay in Mexico | News

A federal judge in Texas overturned his order to reinstate the “Stay in Mexico” program, allowing the administration of President Joe Biden to end the measure, which forces asylum seekers to wait outside the United States. ) the processing of their cases. in sequence:

They rescue 116 migrants crammed into a truck in Puebla, Mexico

In a statement, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said it stopped including migrants in the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), a policy known colloquially as “Stay in Mexico.”

Starting now, thousands of people waiting in Mexico will be able to gradually enter the United States to file their asylum claims in the coming weeks, the DHS announced.

⭕Immigration policy in #USA that forced asylum seekers to wait for their process in Mexico has just been dismantled by the government of @JoeBiden. “Stay in Mexico,” as the mechanism was known, had been a pillar of Mexico’s border strategy. #DonaldTrump.

— Magenta Code (@Codigo_Magenta)
August 9, 2022

Federal Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk in Texas overturned his ruling in response to a request from the US Department of Justice.

The petition was based on the ruling issued last June by the Supreme Court, which ruled that the administration of President Joe Biden can end the policy established in 2019 by his predecessor Donald Trump.

“DHS is committed to ending the court-ordered implementation of MPP in a speedy and orderly manner,” added the department, which urged asylum seekers to trust official government information, not money smugglers. people.

The announcement came a year after the Biden administration began actions to end the rules of remaining in Mexico, and was made possible by a court order issued just yesterday.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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