Greek PM apologizes to opposition politician for spying

ATHENS, August 6 – RIA Novosti. Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis called the eavesdropping and surveillance of the leader of the political party PASOK-KINAL, MEP Nikos Androulakis, an “unforgivable mistake”, apologized to him and said that he did not know about the surveillance. The prime minister made such a statement in the Sunday issue of the To Vima newspaper, which announced the issue.
In Greece, a political scandal is developing over the wiretapping of the mobile phones of opposition politician Androulakis and journalist Thanasisoa Koukakis using the Predator tracking program. In connection with the scandal, the head of the Greek intelligence service EYP Panagiotis Kontoleon and the Secretary General of the Prime Minister (head of the government administration) Grigoris Dimitriadis were fired. The Greek media called the case “Kyriakos Gate” and “Greek Watergate” by analogy with the well-known political scandal in the United States in 1972-1974, which ended in the resignation of President Richard Nixon.

In Greece, the Prime Minister will issue a statement on the surveillance of the opposition

“This is a big and unforgivable mistake. I was not informed about this,” Mitsotakis said.
The newspaper writes that, according to the premier’s office, the head of the secret service, Contoleon, did not notify anyone about the surveillance of the politician.
“I have to apologize to Nikos Androulakis… I didn’t know about it, I would never have allowed it,” the prime minister said.
The wiretapping was carried out by conventional means and not by the infamous Predator spyware. It lasted three months and was interrupted when Androulakis was elected president of the PASOK party – two days after his election, sources with knowledge of the details said.
“Vima” reported that surveillance was carried out at the request of the special services of Armenia and Ukraine.
“Surveillance, according to information, was carried out at the request of two foreign special services – Armenia and Ukraine, which in itself raises new reasonable questions. To establish a wiretapping, permission from the prosecutor is required, which was obtained,” Vima writes.

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