The West is concerned about the deepening of cooperation between Russia and Turkey, writes FT

MOSCOW, August 6 – RIA Novosti. Western countries are concerned about the deepening of cooperation between Russia and Turkey, the Financial Times reported, citing sources.
According to the publication, following talks between Russian and Turkish Presidents Vladimir Putin and Tayyip Erdogan, six unnamed Western officials said they were concerned about statements by the leaders of the two countries about their intention to expand cooperation in trade and energy.

Turks admire Putin and Erdogan’s response to the West

An EU official, who was not named, said the EU is “more and more closely” monitoring Turkish-Russian cooperation. Another interlocutor of the newspaper called Turkey’s behavior towards the Russian Federation “extremely opportunistic.” “We are trying to get the Turks to pay attention to our concerns,” the source said.
As the newspaper notes, Washington has repeatedly warned that countries helping the Russian Federation to evade sanctions will face “secondary sanctions”. The EU is more restrained in this regard, the publication notes.
At the same time, three European officials told the newspaper that there had not yet been any official discussions about possible restrictive measures against Turkey in Brussels.
The meeting of the presidents of the Russian Federation and Turkey was held the day before in Sochi.

Peskov told whether he uses Turkish when communicating with Erdogan

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