Eight dead and 18 injured reported after explosion in Afghanistan | News

Afghan authorities reported this Friday that eight people died and another 18 were injured after an explosion in the residential area of ​​a community of Sarkariz in Kabul (capital). in sequence:

Taliban Government Condemns US Airstrike in Kabul

The spokesman for the Kabul Police Command, Khalid Zadran, specified that the attack took place in a crowded space in the city, where explosive devices were placed in a vehicle.

Zadran asserted that this fact shows the attitude of “those who are enemies of Islam and the country, who do not care about the safety and happiness of the nation.”

ذبیح الله وايي ، نن د کابل ښار شپږمه کې د ملکي خلکو یوه کراچۍ کې چاودنه وشوه چې ۸ تنه مظلوم هېوادوال شهیدان او ۱۸ نور ټپیان ټپیان شول.

— Ajmal Kakar (@AjmalKakar000)
August 5, 2022

For their part, local media reported that the number of deaths may be higher, while no organization or group has claimed responsibility for the act so far.

In turn, the main Taliban spokesman and Deputy Minister of Information, Zabihulá Muyahid, condemned the attack and offered details of the bomb detonated in district 6 of the Afghan capital.

This fact is added to other attacks that have occurred, at the time, claimed by the self-styled Islamic State.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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