Chinese Ambassador to France called the United States involved in the crises in Ukraine and Taiwan

PARIS, August 6 – RIA Novosti. The United States is involved in the creation of both the Ukrainian and Taiwan crises, said Chinese Ambassador to France Lu Shae.
“There is also a similarity: that behind these two crises is a black hand, the hand of the United States. The United States wants to add fuel to the fire in the Taiwan Strait in order to create another crisis, in addition to the Ukrainian one,” the diplomat said on the LCI TV channel.
In his opinion, the Americans are now worried about the loss of their influence in the world. The diplomat noted that regarding the Ukrainian crisis, most of the developing countries “do not agree” with a group of Western countries and do not participate in sanctions against Russia. At the same time, as Lu Shae said, US influence is “gradually decreasing” in the Asia-Pacific region, and they want to “disrupt the situation” there.
Relations between Washington and Beijing have deteriorated greatly in recent days due to the visit of Speaker of the House of Representatives of Congress Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan, which took place despite objections from the PRC. China has repeatedly warned the American side that if the trip takes place, it will not remain without consequences and will entail harsh measures. Shortly after Pelosi arrived on the island, China announced the start of military exercises in several areas around Taiwan.

The White House does not consider it necessary to “correct the mistakes” of Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan

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