US disappointed with China’s decision to suspend climate cooperation

WASHINGTON, August 6 – RIA Novosti. US Special Representative for Climate Change John Kerry expressed disappointment at China’s suspension of cooperation with the US on climate change.
On Thursday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that Beijing had suspended talks with Washington on climate change issues, as well as cooperation in some areas, including defense communications, in response to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.

Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan undermined stability in the region, says Chinese ambassador

“From day one, the US has made it clear that our climate engagement with China must stay clear of other complex issues facing our countries. There is a simple reason for this: we are the two largest economies and largest emitters, and the whole world will suffer the consequences if we fail to lead climate action together,” Kerry tweeted.
“China’s announcement that it will unilaterally suspend our bilateral climate work is disappointing and misguided,” he said.
“The climate crisis is not a bilateral problem, but a universal one. This is not about geopolitics or ideology, and no country should hold back progress on existential transnational problems because of bilateral differences. The suspension of cooperation does not punish the United States – it punishes the world, in particularities of the developing world. The human and financial cost will be catastrophic if the international community cannot put aside their differences and come together to fight the climate threat that we all face,” he said.
Relations between Washington and Beijing have deteriorated greatly in recent days due to the visit of Speaker of the House of Representatives of Congress Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan, which took place despite objections from the PRC. China has repeatedly warned the American side that if the trip takes place, it will not remain without consequences and will entail harsh measures. Shortly after Pelosi arrived on the island, China announced the start of military exercises in several areas around Taiwan.

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