13 killed in shootout with police in Mexico

MEXICO CITY, August 6 – RIA Novosti. The task force of the police of the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi was subjected to an armed attack in the municipality of the District, during the shootout 13 people were eliminated and two more were detained.
“As a result of the clash, 13 suspected of committing crimes were killed, and two more persons involved in the attack were detained,” the ministry’s website said in a statement.
The special operation in the municipality began after the arrest of two women who said that they had participated in the secret burial of bodies and indicated to law enforcement officers the location of the remains.
During the ensuing search activities, the task force was attacked by unknown persons who tried to hide in one of the houses. During the storming of the building, 10 men and three women in body armor were killed. Two more in body armor, a man and a woman, were found in a car in the local area.
Law enforcement officers seized at the scene 27 assault rifles and rifles of 7.62 caliber, as well as 6 cars, including a pickup truck with numbers of the state of Florida, USA.

In Guatemala, the motorcade of the country’s president was fired upon, media reported

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