Palestine condemns Israel ruling against Jerusalem governor | News

Palestinian authorities on Thursday condemned the Israeli District Court ruling that placed Jerusalem Governor Adnan Ghaith on indefinite house arrest. in sequence:

House arrest imposed on Palestinian governor of Jerusalem

Through a statement, the Palestinian Presidency asserted that said decision is an unjust act that violates international humanitarian law and human rights charters.

The decision was made after Adnan Ghaith was arrested last Monday at his home in the Silwan neighborhood, after being accused of violating an order that, according to the Israeli authorities, prohibited him from entering the West Bank and contacting other Palestinian leaders.

The Palestinian Presidency indicated that such a provision will not prevent the defense of its holy places and its capital.

Press Release: Occupation’s Assaults in West Bank and Crossings Closure in Gaza a Grave Escalation

— Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Gaza ���� (@MinistryGaza)
August 3, 2022

The statement details that the official began indefinite house arrest until the next trial is held.

For its part, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates denounced that the arrest of Adnan Ghaith demonstrates “the serious discrimination against Palestinians that aims to deny him his fundamental rights, including political rights.”

He also stated that Adnan Ghaith, who has been arrested more than 30 times since taking office in August 2018, has been “insidiously” attacked.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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