The Russian Embassy in the United States commented on the report of human rights activists on Ukraine

WASHINGTON, August 5 – RIA Novosti. An Amnesty International report on violations of international law by Ukrainian forces shows that it is becoming increasingly difficult to suppress the truth, the Russian embassy in the United States said.
On Thursday, an Amnesty International report was published, according to which Ukrainian troops violate international legal norms and military law by placing weapons in schools and hospitals in cities and putting civilians at risk.
“The resonance around the publication proves that it is becoming increasingly difficult to hush up the truth,” the embassy said in a statement.
Russian diplomats expressed the hope that the study of human rights activists will help the audience in the United States to draw the right conclusions.
“The accusations heard here about the alleged commission of “war crimes” by the Russian Armed Forces have only one goal – to distort the true state of affairs,” they said. According to the embassy, ​​by doing so the United States seeks to justify its own provocative actions to “pump” the Kyiv regime with deadly weapons.

The Russian Embassy in London responded to the claims of the Ukrainian ambassador

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