They condemn Spanish tweeters who wished the death of a child with cancer | News

The Provincial Court of Valencia, the highest court in that community, sentenced this Wednesday the three tweeters who wished to death and wrote offensive messages on social networks towards the little cancer patient, Adrián, to pay more than 11,000 dollars in fines and compensation. in sequence:

Spain confirms second death from monkeypox

It is about payment of a fine amounting to 720 euros (about 730 dollars) for a crime against moral integrity; To which is added the imposition of the payment of 3,000 euros (3.50 dollars) to the legal representative of the minor for the moral damages and losses caused, as well as assuming the procedural costs.

Such resolution considers the appeal filed by the Prosecutor’s Office and by the Fundación del Toro de Lidia on behalf of the father of the minor against the sentence of the Criminal Court number 2 of Valencia, which acquitted the Internet users in 2019, by not appreciating the crime of incitement to hatred, against moral integrity, or serious insults.

⚖️ The sentence recalls that the protection of an 8-year-old child must be done with the “maximum rigor” and more considering that “the child is affected by a deadly disease that undermines his few psychic defenses”.

– Toro Lidia Foundation (@ftorodelidia)
August 2, 2022

In the sentence, the hearing avoided that “the protection of people from suffering sensations of pain or physical and mental suffering, humiliating or demeaning, must be carried out with the utmost rigor”; especially “when the affected person is an eight-year-old boy, fragile and vulnerable because his emotional capacity is still being formed.”

To which he added that said protection must be reinforced when “the child is affected by a deadly disease that undermines his scant psychic defenses. In addition, the verbal attack occurs after the celebration of the tribute and the defendants knowing the child’s innocent hobby, thus destroying the beneficial effects of him and the memory of a few brief moments of happiness “.

Those sentenced respond to a woman and a man of Spanish nationality, as well as a young Ecuadorian resident in Barcelona; who in 2016 wrote offensive messages against Adrián Hinojosa, an eight-year-old boy at the time and who died six months later as a result of cancer.

Adrián, who had expressed his desire to be a bullfighter, was one of the protagonists in 2016, of a charity festival in the Plaza de Toros de Valencia to raise funds for the Children’s Oncohematology Foundation, which sparked debate within the Spanish society.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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