Trump advises Pelosi not to visit Taiwan

WASHINGTON, July 29 – RIA Novosti. Former US President Donald Trump believes House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s possible trip to Taiwan will exacerbate tensions with China.
“She will only make things worse,” Trump wrote on his Truth Social.
According to the politician, the purpose of Pelosi’s involvement in the Taiwan issue is only to “create problems and make money.”
According to US media reports, Pelosi will go on an Asian tour on Friday, she will visit Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and Singapore. The speaker is also expected to visit Taiwan. She herself declined to comment on whether any trip would take place, citing security concerns.

Pelosi explains the secrecy around the upcoming trip to Asia

On Thursday, during the first telephone conversation since March, US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping also discussed Taiwan. Washington refused to give details of the discussion of this topic, and the Chinese side, in turn, said that the Chinese leader warned his American colleague about the danger of “getting burned when playing with fire.”
The speaker’s possible visit to Taiwan was reported back in April, but the Asian tour was canceled due to Pelosi’s sudden infection with the coronavirus. The media also reported that Chinese diplomats in the United States were actively working to convey to US congressmen the undesirability of a visit to the island “in the interests” of both sides.
The topic of Taiwan in the context of US-China relations has gained particular importance in the context of the situation in Ukraine. Beijing emphasizes that, for historical and political reasons, no analogy is appropriate, and demands that the United States not interfere in its internal affairs. Washington, formally not having diplomatic relations with Taipei, which is recognized by the UN as an indivisible part of the PRC, not only maintains ties with the island, but also regularly supplies arms under bilateral agreements and a number of laws adopted by the US Congress.

Mystery of Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan speaks of uncertainty, expert says

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