Australia declares emergency due to wave of monkeypox | News

Australia’s top health authority declared monkeypox a “communicable disease incident of national importance” on Thursday, accounting for 44 cases, mostly travelers from abroad. in sequence:

Australia in emergency due to torrential rains and floods

The announcement made by the Australian government’s medical chief, Paul Kelly, frees up and speeds up the necessary resources to face a possible wave of infections and to be able to deploy prevention mechanisms.

The official emphasized that monkeypox “is much less harmful than Covid-19 and no deaths have been recorded during the current outbreak outside of countries where the virus is endemic.”

JUST IN: Following the World Health Organization’s declaration of MonkeyPox as a global health emergency, #Australia stated the spread as a “communicable disease incident of national significance” to allow a more coordinated response. #Monkeypox

— BNN Newsroom (@BNNBreaking)
July 28, 2022

So far there have been about 18,000 cases of monkeypox on the planet, according to official figures from the World Health Organization (WHO).

70 percent of them are in Europe, with Spain in first place (3,595), followed by Germany (2,410), the United Kingdom (2,208) and France (1,567).

Meanwhile, America concentrates 25 percent of infections, with the United States (2,881), Brazil (696), Canada (681), Peru (203) and Mexico (59).

The director general of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, warned a few days ago that “if its risks are taken seriously and the necessary steps are taken to stop its transmission”, we could stop monkeypox.

He also recalled that the disease is transmitted by sexual contact or simple physical contact, such as hugs, kisses or sharing personal objects, while three promising vaccines are already being worked on.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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