The White House did not disclose the details of the conversation between Biden and Xi Jinping on Taiwan

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WASHINGTON, July 28 – RIA Novosti. The White House refused to give reporters details of the dialogue between US leaders Joe Biden and China’s Xi Jinping on the issue of Taiwan.
The telephone conversation between the two leaders was the first in several months, it lasted more than two hours. According to the White House, Biden and Xi Jinping discussed the situation around Taiwan, the state of affairs in Ukraine, as well as a number of other issues on the bilateral and global agenda.

Both want and prick: Taiwan has become a bone of contention for the United States

“Regarding Taiwan, I won’t give details of the conversation,” a senior US administration official said at a briefing following a phone call Thursday.
Earlier, following the results of the talks, the White House informed about Biden’s words that Washington is against unilateral steps to change the status quo in the situation around Taiwan or undermine stability and peace around the Taiwan Strait. The Chinese side, in turn, said that the US president assured his Chinese counterpart that Washington does not support Taiwanese separatism. According to China Central Television, Xi Jinping said in a conversation that China strongly protests against the interference of external forces in the Taiwan issue: “He who plays with fire will certainly burn himself.”
Both sides said that the telephone conversation was sincere, the leaders of the two countries agreed to maintain contacts. The contact between the leaders of the two countries came amid reports of a possible visit to Taiwan by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. These plans provoke a sharply negative reaction from Beijing, the White House does not publicly comment on Pelosi’s plans, leaving her the right to decide on the trip.

Biden assured that the United States does not support Taiwan separatism

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