In the Czech Republic in the nature reserve “Czech Switzerland” 30 hectares of forest are on fire

PRAGUE, July 26 – RIA Novosti. Despite the efforts of more than 400 firefighters, about 30 hectares of forest have already been engulfed in the Czech Switzerland Nature Reserve, located in the west of the country, and aid is expected to arrive from Poland, Slovakia and Italy on Tuesday and Wednesday, Czech TV reported on Tuesday.

Efforts of 400 firefighters still unable to stop the fire

“Dry, hot weather and strong gusts of wind contribute to the spread of fire in the reserve, despite the efforts of more than 400 firefighters gathered from almost all regions of the Czech Republic. During Tuesday-Wednesday, reinforcements are also expected to arrive from neighboring countries, Poland and Slovakia, as well as from Italy,” TV reported.
The firefighters involved in extinguishing the fire in the reserve need, first of all, aircraft capable of “bringing” large containers of water onto the fire. Helicopters currently operating here can lift a maximum of one ton of water. Helicopters expected from Poland and Slovakia carry three times as much water. And each of the three planes due to arrive from Italy lifts 6 tons of water at a time.

Massive forest fire breaks out in northern Attica

Fire Department spokesman Martin Lanicka was unable to answer reporters’ questions about how long the fire could continue.
“It depends on many conditions. The area of ​​the fire is very difficult to access, mainly in the mountains. Dry and hot weather has a great influence. We need rain, but there is still no rain, despite the forecasters’ promises. Strong wind is also our enemy,” Lanichka said.

Smoke covers a large part of the Czech Republic

In turn, First Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Vit Rakusan, who visited the fire area on Tuesday morning, hurried to reassure fellow citizens who were “getting” fire calls about the smell of smoke.
“If you woke up with the feeling that something is burning somewhere nearby, do not rush to panic and grab your phone, you are not alone in this. efforts to fight the fire,” Rakushan tweeted.
Due to the fact that there are only individual houses on the territory of the reserve, there are practically no people affected by fire or smoke. Nevertheless, most of the residents of neighboring villages were evacuated from the disaster zone just in case.

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Botanist: the fire will lead to the natural renewal of the forest

At the same time, a well-known botanist, professor at Charles University in Prague, Martin Adamek, told Czech TV that the current fire will start a “natural renewal” of the forest in the reserve.
“Of course, the current fire for the park, tourism and the surrounding villages is equal to a disaster. However, it is useful directly for the forest, it will start the renewal of its ecosystem. Nature finds successful ways out of such situations,” the scientist said.
According to Adamek, in 10 years the height of young trees can reach 5 meters, in 30-40 years – 10 meters. And the forest can return to the state before the fire in about 100 years.
Adamek compared the fire in the reserve to forest fires in other countries in recent years and called the Czech “very modest”.
“For example, in Spain this year, forests burned on an area of ​​about 200,000 hectares. In Sweden, in 2014, a fire captured an area of ​​15,000 hectares. Against their background, our fire has a very modest size of 30 hectares,” Adamek said.

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