Media: US fears rising gas prices in the country due to the energy crisis in Europe

WASHINGTON, July 26 – RIA Novosti. The American authorities strongly fear that the energy crisis in Europe will lead to higher prices for natural gas and electricity in the US itself, CNN writes on Tuesday, citing sources.
According to the interlocutors, the administration of US President Joe Biden sent on Tuesday to the EU a representative of the State Department, senior adviser on global energy security Amos Hochstein, who is scheduled to meet in Paris and Brussels to stabilize the situation in the European energy market.

Russian gas will allow Germany to avoid an energy crisis, the Bundestag said

It is reported that the White House is also afraid of a split among the EU member states on the gas problem and is striving to contain the development of panic in the EU before the upcoming winter, when much larger volumes of natural gas will be required compared to the current value.
As an alternative to gas, the US and the EU are discussing the possibility of increasing the capacity of existing nuclear power plants in Europe to compensate for the reduction in blue fuel. In particular, Washington is trying to convince Germany to continue servicing nuclear power plants, contrary to Berlin’s plans to phase out these energy sources by the end of 2022.
EU energy ministers reached a political agreement at the EU Council meeting on Tuesday to voluntarily reduce demand for natural gas by 15% between 1 August 2022 and 31 March 2023. States will be able to choose ways to save themselves. An EU Alert mechanism has also been agreed upon, in the event of a severe shortage of gas in storage facilities or extremely high demand for gas by setting a mandatory reduction target of 15%.

The Hungarian Foreign Ministry questioned the legality of the EU decision to reduce gas demand

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