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The Russian government denied this Monday that it has violated any clause of last week’s agreement in relation to the grain corridor, which would allow the export of grain from ports in the Black Sea. in sequence:

Russia, Ukraine, Türkiye and UN sign grain export agreement

This was expressed by the Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, who said that Moscow did not assume any commitment within the framework of the Istanbul agreement that would prevent it from continuing its military operation in Ukraine and destroying military infrastructure.

According to Lavrov, Western powers have distorted the essence of the agreement signed on July 22 in Istanbul to secure Ukrainian grain exports.

The Russian foreign minister’s assessments came after the incident in which Russia attacked a Ukrainian military ship in the port of Odessa, which the West describes as an attack on the agreement reached last week.

Lavrov denounced, in this sense: “Our Western colleagues, in principle, have already become skilled in the ability to present any news in a distorted way, exclusively in a way that can be used against Russia, which does not surprise me.”

The Russian foreign minister justified the attack and explained that it was “a Ukrainian naval combat vessel and an ammunition warehouse, where Harpoon anti-ship missiles were recently delivered” which he described as a threat to the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

He also explained that there is no impediment to the export of grain: “The objective experts also confirmed what we said from the beginning, that the grain terminal of the port of Odessa is at a considerable distance from the military unit. No there are obstacles for the grain to start being delivered to customers in accordance with the agreements signed in Istanbul, and we have not created them.”

Russia, Ukraine, Türkiye and the United Nations (UN) signed a grain export agreement on Friday in the Turkish city of Istanbul, which is expected to unlock grain exports from the Black Sea.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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