NATO ships arrived in the port of Tallinn

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HELSINKI, July 25 – RIA Novosti. Ships from the first permanent NATO naval group arrived in Tallinn on Monday to demonstrate the presence of the alliance in the Baltic Sea, as well as replenish supplies and prepare for the next tasks, the press service of the main headquarters of the Estonian Defense Forces said.
“The first permanent NATO naval group is here for the second time this year. This is a confirmation of the permanent presence of NATO in our region. As a result of such visits, we find more and more opportunities for cooperation with our allies,” the deputy’s press service quoted Commander of the Estonian Navy Johan – Elias Selyamaa.
The first two ships – the Dutch command ship, which is also the group’s flagship – HNLMS Karel Doorman and the Portuguese frigate NRP Corte-Real, moored in the Old Port of Tallinn. A third ship, the British tanker RFA Tidesurge, has docked at the port of Muuga near Tallinn.
The commanders of the ships will meet with the leadership of the Estonian Defense Forces, and the crews will replenish supplies and prepare for the next tasks, the press service notes.
NATO’s Standing Naval Group One is one of the alliance’s four standing naval groups. This group, as part of the NATO Rapid Response Force, is able to quickly arrive at the place of operation in any region.

The US and its allies conduct naval exercises in Bulgaria

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