Supporters of the Shor party demand the resignation of the Prosecutor General of Moldova

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CHISINAU, July 24 – RIA Novosti. Members and supporters of the opposition party “Shor” demand the resignation of the leadership of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Moldova, accusing him of subordination to the ruling party “Action and Solidarity”, they tried to set up tents in protest, but they were prevented by the police.
Earlier, prosecutors charged party vice-chairwoman Marina Tauber with knowingly receiving party funding from an organized crime group and falsifying a report on the financial management of a political party, she was arrested for 30 days. Party supporters held a protest outside the Prosecutor General’s Office on Sunday to support Tauber.

The leader of “Shor” criticized the police guarding the LGBT march in Chisinau

“Members and activists of the Shor party, who held a protest today, demand the immediate and unconditional resignation of the interim head of this institution, Dmitry Robu. More than 2,000 protesters unanimously adopted a resolution stating that the prosecutor’s office in Moldova has been seized by the current government and acts exclusively in political and group interests,” the press service of the party said.
The protesters tried to set up tents near the building of the Prosecutor General’s Office to organize an indefinite protest, but they were prevented by the police.
On Thursday, the anti-corruption prosecutor’s office of Moldova began searches at the homes of activists and supporters of the Shor party in the case of illegal financing of a political formation, then the parliament, at the request of acting. Attorney General Dmitry Robu stripped Tauber of parliamentary immunity due to suspicions of illegal financing of the party. In the evening of the same day, the deputy was detained for 72 hours. Members of the political formation and its supporters declare the political nature of the case in the context of the persecution of the opposition.
The head of the National Center for Combating Corruption, Iulian Rusu, spoke on the TVR channel about Moldova about the likely liquidation of the Shor party, if it is proved that this political formation was illegally financed. He acknowledged that the investigation became interested in the situation around the protest on July 19, which was organized by the Shor party in the central square of Chisinau. Then more than 40 thousand people took part in the action. They expressed their dissatisfaction with the rise in prices in the country and the inaction of the authorities.
The day before, the police did not allow the organizers to set up a stage for speakers. As Tauber stated at the time, the Shor party planned to share the stage with the organizers of the concert, which was planned after the protest. The concert itself was to be held with the participation of Russian performers – Philip Kirkorov, Dava, Ivan Dmitrienko. However, the event was disrupted by the police, who blocked the transport carrying machinery and equipment for the stage.

Parliament of Moldova stripped MP Shor of immunity

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