Zakharova compared Yellen’s words about the slowdown in the US economy with the death of Lenin

MOSCOW, July 24 – RIA Novosti. The official representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova, commented on the words of the head of the US Treasury, Janet Yellen, about the state of the American economy. She shared her opinion in the Telegram channel.
On Sunday, the head of the US Treasury announced a slowdown in the country’s economy, but noted that, despite the high level of inflation, this is not a recession, but a “necessary phenomenon after rapid growth.”

In the United States, they attacked Biden’s press secretary for words about a strong economy

“Many in 1924 were sure that Lenin did not die, but simply fell asleep until better times,” Zakharova wrote.
Last week, the US Department of Labor reported that consumer prices in the country increased by 9.1 percent in annual terms in June after rising by 8.6 percent a month earlier. Thus, only for the first summer month they added 1.3 percent. The annual figure was the highest since November 1981.

American professor spoke about the desperate situation in the US economy

After the start of the Russian special operation to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine, the West stepped up sanctions pressure on Moscow. Many countries have announced the freezing of Russian assets, calls have become louder to abandon energy from Russia. These measures turned out to be problems for the United States and Europe – they led to an increase in food and fuel prices.
As Vladimir Putin stressed, the sanctions have dealt a serious blow to the entire global economy, and current events draw a line under the global dominance of the West.

The IMF gave a forecast for the US economy

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