Spiegel: Neighbors found secret G7 documents in Scholz’s trash can

MOSCOW, July 22 – RIA Novosti. Housemates of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and his wife Britta Ernst found classified documents in a garbage bin containing information about the recent G7 summit, writes Spiegel magazine.
According to media reports, Ernst, being the Minister of Education of Brandenburg, in addition to drafts and other papers related to her work duties, threw a memo with the characteristics of the leaders of the G7 countries and their wives into the trash. So, it was reported that the wife of Mario Draghi, who then served as Prime Minister of Italy, avoids the public.

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This document, compiled by the German Foreign Ministry, was classified “secret – for official use only,” so Scholz’s wife had no right to throw it away without properly disposing of it, the newspaper notes.

“Strict rules apply when handling classified documents. <…> If there is a stamp for official use, the documents must be destroyed in such a way that the contents are not recognizable and cannot be restored,” the publication says.

Spiegel asked Scholz and his wife for comment on the incident, but neither the chancellor’s office nor the Brandenburg Ministry of Education responded.
In early July, the German media reported that several women were drugged with the so-called rape drug at a party of the SPD parliamentary faction, where, in addition to Scholz, deputies, Bundestag and constituency officials were present. The leader of the faction, Matthias Martin, in a letter to his party comrades, said that there were “obviously abuses” at the party with the use of such drugs. The Berlin Criminal Police are investigating the incident.

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