RAF suspends non-essential flights of Typhoon fighter jets

MOSCOW, July 22 – RIA Novosti. The British Air Force has suspended non-essential Typhoon fighter flights, potentially leaving the country’s airspace unprotected, the Daily Mail reported.
According to a tweet from the Royal Air Force, the decision was made after it became aware of a “technical issue that could affect the safe operation of the ejection seats” of the fighters.

Downing Street shares video of Johnson filmed in Typhoon fighter jet

“We have suspended non-essential flights as a temporary precautionary measure until the situation is better understood,” the Air Force said in a statement.
It is noted that the technical problem also affected the aerobatic team of the British Air Force “Red Arrows”. The Daily Mail emphasizes that Typhoon fighters are involved in the protection of the airspace of the United Kingdom and the Falkland Islands, the suspension of their flights comes amid “exacerbation of tensions with Russia.” The publication fears that UK airspace potentially “remains unprotected.”

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