JCPOA will allow Iran to return oil to world markets, Nuland said

WASHINGTON, July 22 – RIA Novosti. Returning Iran to the nuclear deal will allow the country to return its oil to world markets and achieve sanctions relief, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland said on Friday.
“If Iran wishes – and there is only one decision-maker in the country – then its oil will return to world markets, and part of the sanctions will be lifted. However, so far we have not seen Iran embark on this path,” – Nuland said at the annual forum hosted by the Aspen Institute.

The US will increase pressure on Iran if it does not return to the nuclear deal

The deputy head of the American diplomatic department stressed that if Iran refuses to return to the nuclear deal, Washington “will be forced to increase its pressure” on the Islamic Republic.
In 2015, the United Kingdom, Germany, China, Russia, the United States, France and Iran concluded a nuclear deal – the JCPOA, which involved the lifting of sanctions in exchange for limiting Iran’s nuclear program. In May 2018, the United States under Donald Trump withdrew from the JCPOA and reinstated sanctions against Tehran. In response, Iran announced a phased reduction in its obligations under the agreement, waiving restrictions on nuclear research, centrifuges and the level of uranium enrichment.
Negotiations were held in Vienna to renew the JCPOA and lift Washington’s sanctions against Tehran. In December 2021, the parties reached an agreement on two draft agreements, in which the European side included the positions of Iran. Iranian spokesman Bagheri Kyani said the talks were going well, but US State Department spokesman Ned Price assessed the progress in Vienna as modest, urging Tehran to take the issue seriously. With the return of the parties to their capitals at the end of March, the negotiations were suspended. The Iranian Foreign Ministry blames the US administration for this. The latest round of negotiations on the JCPOA took place in the capital of Qatar, Doha, on June 29-30.

CIA director says Iran is not working on nuclear weapons

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