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Sources of the Syrian Arab Army denounced this Friday a new aggression perpetrated with missiles by Israel against several points in the vicinity of Damascus (capital). in sequence:

China demands US to end looting of Syrian resources

They detail that as a result of the attack three Syrian soldiers died, seven others were injured; as well as material losses were caused.

The attack occurred after midnight on Thursday, when Israel fired missiles from the occupied Syrian Golan towards different points near the capital of that Arab country.

Consequently, the anti-aircraft defenses of the Syrian Arab Army were activated and managed to repel the attack, intercepting several of the missiles launched by their aggressor.

“Our air defenses acted and shot down some of the missiles,” they said from that Syrian combat unit.

This military action becomes the eighteenth of Israel against Syria this year, the most recent took place on July 2; while another similar one launched on June 10 caused the Damascus International Airport to go out of service, after its runways and passenger terminal were damaged.

Using as a justifying pretext the presence of Iranian and Lebanese militias in Syrian territory, allies of Damascus, which he calls a danger to the nation’s national security.

These actions have been denounced by Syria before the UN Security Council, for being in violation of human rights, infringing on its sovereignty, and threatening regional stability.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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