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Russian President Vladimir Putin stated during the plenary session of the Forum of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives that the world is going through the beginning of a new era where only sovereign nations will be able to move towards success. in sequence:

Russia, Iran and Türkiye in favor of preserving the integrity of Syria

In this regard, the head of the Kremlin assured that “a new era begins, a new stage in the history of the world and only truly sovereign states can guarantee high growth rates.”

In this regard, Putin noted that “both at the national and global levels, the foundations are being worked out, the principles of a harmonious and more just world order, socially oriented and secure, an alternative to the existing world order.”

At the same time, the Russian president highlighted the need to change the unipolar system, which “by its nature is certainly becoming a brake on the development of civilization.”

Similarly, the control by a minority of the world‘s main resources was questioned when he expressed “Why only this one billion gold, of the entire population of the world, should dominate everyone?”

#breaking ⚡️⚡️Russian President Vladimir Putin participates in the plenary session of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives Forum “Strong Ideas for New Times”. The president will be presented with the projects that receive the highest possible evaluation from the experts

— Renemassmedia (@renemassmedia)
July 20, 2022

Accordingly, the Russian head of state asserted that this system is “based on the illusion of exceptionality, it divides peoples into first and second categories”, meanwhile, he pointed out that “it obtains more and more traits of totalitarianism”.

Finally, Putin stated that “it gives the impression that the West simply cannot offer its model of the future.” Likewise, he specified that the Western leadership is afraid of the fact that “other world development centers may present their own alternatives.”

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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