In the US, Biden’s scheme to finance Ukrainian refugees was revealed

MOSCOW, July 21 – RIA Novosti. The program to help Ukrainians move to the United States, Uniting for Ukraine, will spend money from the state budget, but the funds will be more difficult to trace, Niyla Rush, an employee of the Center for Immigration Research, writes in the National Interest.
Under the Uniting for Ukraine program, citizens of Ukraine, as well as their immediate family members, can come to the United States and temporarily stay in the country for up to two years if they have a financial sponsor in the United States. Uniting for Ukraine was announced by the head of the White House, Joe Biden, as a charitable project using only private funds.

Poland curtails aid programs for Ukrainian refugees

“And yet the” private “program is financed from the pockets of taxpayers,” the article says.
As the expert noted, the sponsor-participant of Uniting for Ukraine can pay for the way to the USA for Ukrainians with budget money. Also, refugees upon arrival in the country are entitled to receive state social benefits.
Unlike the official migrant assistance program, which sets a limit on the number of migrants every year, Biden’s new program “passes under all the radar” when it comes to reporting. In other words, Washington has created a mechanism for simplified entry into the country for an unlimited number of Ukrainians at the expense of federal funds, the author explained.

Swiss tired of Ukrainian refugees

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