Sunak and Truss reach the final of the election of the British Prime Minister

MOSCOW, July 20 – RIA Novosti. British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, along with former Treasury Secretary Rishi Sunak, advanced to the final round of the struggle for the premiership of Britain, overtaking Penny Mordont, Deputy Secretary of State for International Trade, by a narrow margin, Graham Brady, head of the Conservative Party’s steering committee, said following the results of the vote.
The broadcast was conducted by the Sky News channel.

The media explained why the Laborites want to see Truss as Prime Minister of Britain

Truss received 113 votes while Mordaunt received 105 votes, keeping her out of the race final.
Finance Minister Rishi Sunak once again won the most votes (137) in the fifth round of the British Prime Minister’s election and thus became the first finalist in the race.
In the last round, the winner of the two “finalists” will be chosen by all members of the party, of whom there are about 200,000 today. Voting will take place by mail. The results are planned to be announced on September 5, when the parliament resumes its work after a summer break.

Sociologists have estimated the chances of Sunak to win in the final election of the Prime Minister of Britain

In total, 11 parliamentarians have previously declared their desire to run for the role of leader of the Conservatives and Prime Minister of Britain, nine of whom were eliminated at earlier stages.
Johnson, who replaced Theresa May as prime minister in 2019, announced on July 7 that he was stepping down as prime minister and head of the UK Conservative Party. He will serve until the appointment of a new head of the Cabinet.

Johnson spoke about who he will support in the race for the premiership of Britain

The resignation was preceded by a government crisis in the UK – over 50 people left the Cabinet of Ministers in two days, including heads of key departments such as the Treasury and the Ministry of Health. They expressed distrust of Johnson and disagreed with his leadership methods.
The reason was the scandal around the former Deputy Foreign Minister for European and US Affairs Christopher Pincher, who staged a drunken brawl in a London club and solicited two men. Moreover, several years ago, similar accusations were already made against him. Some politicians claim that Johnson knew about Pincher’s troubled past, but appointed him anyway to the position of deputy coordinator of the Conservative parliamentary faction.

Boris Johnson intends to take revenge on those who put knives in his back

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