Biopark violates court decision and keeps giraffes confined in concrete sheds – ANDA

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The 15 giraffes taken from their habitat in Africa and brought by plane to Brazil in wooden boxes, still do not have access to sunlight. Animal advocates claim that the animals, which landed in the country on November 11, were confined by the Biopark in concrete sheds with 40m² stalls.

“We are fighting to get the giraffes out of the intensive confinement they were subjected to three months ago. Confinement is different from isolation. They are not in quarantine, they are confined in a shed that is inappropriate for them. We are trying to ensure that the giraffes are taken to a minimally decent place, in accordance with IBAMA regulations”, reported lawyer Letícia Filpi, representative of ANDA.

She says that Judge Neuza Alvarenga, from the 7th Court of the Public Treasury in Rio de Janeiro, granted the request to transfer the animals to a suitable location within 48 hours, but the court decision was not complied with.

“Justice gave 30 days for the park to start building an enclosure of at least 660m², so that the giraffes can walk in the sun and have contact with nature. They are in closed concrete sheds. They are animals about 5m tall that came from Africa in the dark, wooden boxes with small holes for breathing, to arrive in Brazil and remain isolated”, laments the lawyer.

Letícia Filpi recalls that three of the 18 giraffes that were imported by the Biopark have already died in a suspicious situation. “They are being fed a food they don’t know and they only drink water if someone takes it to them. They cannot search. We have already obtained the injunction for this situation to change and we wait for it to be fulfilled ”, she reinforced.

The lawyer says that she will continue to fight for the judicial decision to be carried out and hopes for popular support in the fight for the welfare of the giraffes. “The judge made a very important and courageous decision and Bioparque, the zoo responsible for the animals, is disobeying the court decision. The fact of keeping these giraffes confined demonstrates total contempt of those responsible for the feelings and psychological integrity of these animals”, said Letícia Filpi.

She also points out that the suffering these giraffes are being subjected to will bring irreversible emotional damage to the animals. “And it seems that the Biopark is not worried at all. We need to ask for compliance with the court decision,” she concluded.

Founder and president of ANDA, Silvana Andrade says she is amazed at the non-compliance with the court decision. “We are not surprised by the lack of consideration for animals, whose objective is the exploitation and financial gain of companies. But I’m very surprised by the failure to comply with a court order. Unfortunately, a low fine was awarded and for them it is more worth paying this fine than considering the conditions of the giraffes’ physical and emotional well-being”, she opined.

understand the case

In late January, the Rio de Janeiro court ordered BioParque to build a new shelter for abused giraffes at PortoBello Safari, in Mangaratiba, in the Costa Verde region of the state. In her ruling, Judge Neusa Alvarenga gave 48 hours for the BioParque to carry out works that provide a suitable environment for the animals, in addition to the 30-day period for them to be placed in enclosures in accordance with Ibama’s rules.

The decision responds to a request by ANDA along with the National Forum for Protection and Defense and other NGOs that have filed a public civil suit against the BioParque. The penalty of daily fine in case of non-compliance is R$ 5 thousand.

the deaths

Landed here on November 11, the eighteen giraffes stayed about a month in a shed for quarantine and an adaptation period, according to those in charge. On December 14, just over a month later, they were sunbathing in an outdoor area, when six broke through the fence and fled. Recaptured, three died hours later.

The Federal Police carried out an operation at the resort and reported that they found signs of abuse in the animals that follow the site. At the time, a report signed by veterinarians hired by the Bioparque pointed to myopathy as the cause of the death of the three giraffes, that is, a condition that can be generated by stress. Since the deaths of the three giraffes, the other 15 have been kept in confinement.

The Federal Public Ministry and the Federal Police are investigating the deaths.

An IBAMA ordinance prohibits the importation of free-ranging animals for commercial purposes. But officials say the giraffes are part of a conservation project.

Projects for the conservation of wild species, which are not part of the Brazilian fauna, usually have the participation of zoos in Brazil and other countries.

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