Lukashenko said that Belarusians will not be allowed to dictate how they live

MINSK, July 9 – RIA Novosti. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that Belarusians will not allow anyone to dictate to them how to live and what to do.

“We welcome those who came in peace with an open mind. We are always ready to share a piece of bread and give shelter to those who have lost everything. We are proud of our history and our land. And under no circumstances will we give up this land. But we will never let us dictate how to live and what to do,” Lukashenka said on Saturday at the festival “Kupala. Alexandria gathers friends” in the Mogilev region. The president’s words are quoted by his press service on the website of the head of state.

He stressed that “a real Belarusian is the one who has a house here and will always defend it, if necessary, with weapons in his hands.”
“We have one house, we are responsible for it both to those who were on this earth before us and to those who will come after us,” the Belarusian president stressed.
The head of state noted that in the year that has passed since the previous holiday, so many new, unexpected, pleasant and completely unpleasant things have happened. “Especially in our native Ukraine. You see what is happening and what is happening there. And every day brings different news from there: both joyful, but most of all sad. But this gray-haired Dnieper, which united our Slavic peoples, I am sure, in the near time will see our Ukrainian friends here, on this shore. We, Russians and Belarusians, are ready to see them at our holiday with pleasure,” Lukashenka stressed.

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