Orca trapped in water park watches as her babies die

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The orca Kiska is yet another victim of the exploitation of marine mammals for human entertainment in water parks and aquariums. She has lived alone in a small pool for over 10 years at MarineLand, a water park in Niagara Falls, Canada. In addition to Kiska, the site keeps hundreds of animals imprisoned. The orca was taken from its habitat when it was just three years old in Iceland.

Through insemination, she was forced to give birth to three puppies, which did not survive due to mistreatment and neglect of the place. Kiska, in addition to having her freedom stolen, had to helplessly watch her cubs die. A former MarineLand trainer accuses the park of torturing the animals physically and psychologically. He claims that the animals are kept in deplorable conditions and with poor hygiene.

In recent years, countless animals have died in the park. Currently, after the death of the other orcas, she lives alone and in a situation of complete apathy. She just floats around for hours and makes very little movement. At times, there is the impression that she is dead. Experts who analyzed the images were stunned.

Naomi Rose, a scientist at the Animal Welfare Institute, laments Kiska’s plight. “At the very least, she should have been moved a long time ago to a facility with other orcas. Under no circumstances should she have been allowed to live under these circumstances, especially in the face of this evidence,” she said.

Ontario Captive Animal Watch says the park has housed 26 orcas throughout its history, of which 20 died and five were sold or traded for other animals. Orcas travel over 100 kilometers a day. Life in captivity is torturous, distressing and causes intense suffering to these animals.

Animal rights activists urge MarineLand to send the orca to the Whale Sanctuary Project in Nova Scotia.

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